Unfortunately due to restrictions in our lease agreement we cannot do pizza in addition to our usual business of great New York style bagels at Inglourious Bagels
So for now, we're closing up our pizza kitchen. Hopefully we can get things sorted out, or perhaps open our pizza at another location in the future.
To all of our pizza loving customers, we're sorry but we'll be back eventually!

New York Inspired Pizza

where cravings are conquered and flavor triumphs

Welcome to "Victorious Pizza" in Carlsbad, California, where the essence of New York's pizza magic meets the West Coast. A haven for all pizza aficionados seeking a slice of heaven. Hot, fresh pizzas in a “New York style” with a few twists: sourdough crust, Neopolitan sauce, and plenty of bravado! These pies will transport you from the vibrant hills and coasts of southern Italy through the bustling streets of the Big Apple and finally to our sunny southern California shores. From the same ovens that bring you Inglourious Bagels, emerge pizza pies that bear the same mark of excellence, boasting pleasantly charred crusts, a harmonious blend of flavors, and toppings to suit every palate. So, dear friends, embrace this victorious endeavor. Indulge in a pizza experience that will leave you craving for more.